Ground Handling


Theory of ground handling.

We start with explaining all the details. Before we get to practicing we need to understand it. This usually takes about 30 minute to one hour.

Individual approach

First we will look at you to see how you are doing, what you are doing great and where there should be some improvements. After assessing your level, we will adjust the training specifically for you.

3 sets of an hour of practice

After everything is explained and adjusted we will let you practice for an hour before taking a break. While you practice we will see if you need some corrections and advice. During the break we will analyze your work, give tips and advice for the following hour of practice.

Ask quetions

Feel free to ask questions if there is anything you are not quite understanding. We are always happy to help.

Before you go

After the day of practicing we will sit down once more to talk about the day. This is also where we will give tips for the future training that you can do on your own.

Why should I do it?

We are at most risk when we are close to the ground. Therefore it is important to learn how to control the wing in all wind conditions. One day will not make you a master of ground handling, but it will give you the ideas and tools necessary, to practice on your own.

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