Cross Country Flying – Laragne, France

Have fun, fly a lot while learning and improving your flying skills.

What are you going to learn?

  • Mountain Flying
  • Practical advice on local valley systems and how to cross them. (Often can be applied to other mountain ranges)
  • Personal tasks for flying, depending on your skills, ambitions and every day weather conditions.
  • Speed to fly. Want to fly faster? Make bigger distances? Speed to fly is key.
  • Flying in a group, using others as indicators. Two fly faster than one.
  • Instrument use for comp tasks. (Setting tasks for the day)
  • Finding the next thermal, how to read the day and the terrain.
  • Morning briefing and evening debriefing.
  • Ground Handling (One of the most important aspects to be safe on the ground and in the air)
  • Theoretical Lessons : 1. State of mind (flying is 95% mind game). 2. Safe Pilot. 3. Chasing distances


Chabre, France - Take Off Area

Chabre, is well know for it's diverse Cross Country options and consistent weather. This part of France is one of the driest through out the summer, which helps with constant high cloud-bases and great weather for flying.
Learb Ground Handling

Lot's of places for Ground Handling.

Around Chabre there are plenty of place to practice ground handling on the windier days.

  • Laragne is one of my favorite place to fly, lots of different options for small and big XC.
  • On a great day it's possible to fly 300+ km flights and reach altitude over 4000 m.
  • Plenty of big landing fields available, nice roads all around makes for easy retrieve or a hitch hike back.
  • Easy take-off for multiple wind directions.
  • Long flying days, from calm morning and evening flights to full blown thermals through the midday.
  • Great site for different pilot levels.
  • Lot's of places to practice ground handling when the day is too strong for flying.
  • If the weather isn't great there are several other great flying sites around.
  • Lot's of activities for blown out days - mountain biking, climbing, lakes and rivers to take a dip in.

Here are some flights that has been done staring from Chabre, France.


From April till late October. Specific dates for groups or solo pilots can be arranged as needed.

How to get to Laragne, France?

  • By car
  • Closest international airports are Marseille, Nice and Geneva. Airport pick up can be organized, please send us an e-mail with request.


Team that will look after you.

Kārlis Jaunpetrovičs

Karlis is a passionate pilot and loves all aspects of paraglidingt. Currently holds TOP 3 biggest flights ever done from Chabre, France under a paraglider. Chabre is his favorite site and he has relocated to spend most of the year living in a nearby town called Serres. This allows him to be very flexible with courses and guiding.

Cecile Daudon

Cecile is a second generation pilots, her family has been living and flying around Serres, France for over 25 years. She went tandem flying when she was only 2 years old! She grew up spending time around Chabre while her Dad and Mom was flying around. She has extensive in depth knowledge of the local flying sites and weather. She will help with organizing. If you have family travelling with you, Cecile knows every place they can go and have fun while you enjoy your flying.


We are flexible and able to adjust to your needs. If you travel alone or with a group we can arrange things according to your plans. For all courses we are able to help with finding accommodation and help with travel arrangements.

One on One: 1 - 3 Days.

Daily fee for one on one with Karlis is 250 euros, this includes flying together, briefing, debriefing, retrieves, weather reports and theory lessons if interested/needed.

For more than 3 days in a row, we will talk individually.

2-3 pilots :1 - 3 Days.

Price is 400 euro a day for the group. Similar to the one on one it includes flying together, briefing, debriefing, retrieves, weather reports and theory lessons if interested/needed.

For more than 3 days at the time, we will talk individually.

Groups 4-10 pilots. 

Generally each group will be arranged separately and we will adapt the course as needed for the group. More than 10 is not optimal as we like to keep the groups small. This is because we like to be able to work individually with each pilot. For 2019 season we will make a schedule for groups. (An Update in this space will be created)

For a 5 day course Monday to Friday we charge 550 euros from each pilot. In this case pilots usually travel during Saturday and arrive on Sunday. We will have briefing and a talk on Sunday afternoon. This way we will be ready to fly during Monday - Friday . The following Saturday is kept as an extra day in case of bad weather during the week, Saturday evening or Sunday morning pilots travel back.

Everything can be adapted to every group's needs, experience and skill.


For more questions and to reserve your dates drop as a line at or use WhatsApp for a quick question.