Kārlis Jaunpetrovičs

Started:       2012 January
Born:            1985
Country:      Latvia
Flying:          150 - 350 hours per year.
Training:      Nepal, Taiwan, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland
Does:            Test Piloting, Competitions, Cross Country, Vol Bivouac, Freestyle, Acro, Tandem
Speaks:         English, Latvian, Russian

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I started to fly in January 2012. Very quickly I realized that there is nothing else that I would like to do as much as paragliding. Learning to fly literally changed my life. I stopped working full time as an English teacher and switched to 2 days work week, I was flying, ground handling or reading about paragliding the rest of the week. By the end of the first year I did my first SIV and 150 hours in the air and some 250 hours on the ground, training my ground handling skills.

2013 February - I started a professional tandem business and after a year it also became a small school -   “Outdoors Taiwan”. The following 3 years I spent between Taiwan and Nepal doing tandem flying, Acro, XC, XC guiding and teaching.

2016 Summer - Spent learning to fly acro in Organya, Spain. Learning from the world class pilots such as -  François Ragolski and Christina Kolb

2016 August - Started working with  “Bruce Goldsmith Design” as their sales manager, test pilot.

2017 Season - While working with Bruce Goldsmith and Ant Green on daily basis I focused on XC flying. Currently I hold 5 Latvian national records in XC flying. Took part in "15th Paragliding World Championships".

2018. Season  - I will be spending my time giving back to the community by sharing my knowledge of free flight.

Over the past 7 years I have spent countless hours talking, reading, researching, practicing paragliding and travelling around the world. I have gone out of my way to get to the best places and seasons to fly, meet and most importantly learn from pilots that are at the top of their game.